Welcome to the Polkamarkets V2 Documentation!
After the event expiration date elapses, users can now place a bond, using POLK as an ERC20 for disputes.
How-to Instructions
Step 1: Get POLK on Moonriver, Moonbeam or Polygon
Check our guide on how to get POLK on Moonriver, Moonbeam or Polygon, or how to bridge it from the Ethereum network.
Step 2: Allow the platform to use POLK
Allow our platform to use your POLK. Click on the Allow Polkamarkets button. You’ll get a wallet popup to authorize the transaction.
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Step 3: Placing bonds
Place a bond on the correct outcome. Use the input field or slider for your convenience.
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After the bond is placed, a 3-day timeout period is started, which will allow other users to dispute and place bonds on other outcomes. Every time a user places a bond on a different outcome, that 3-day period restarts, and the POLK amount needed to place a bond doubles.
You can show how much time is left until the timeout period expires and the market resolves on the report screen above the input.
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Step 4: Wait for the timeout period
Please wait until the timeout period has elapsed.
Once elapsed, you are now one step away from claiming your winnings! After the timeout period is completed, the smart contract needs to acknowledge the bonds placed and compute the market payouts. That can be done by clicking Resolve on the screen below:
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Step 5: The market is Resolved
The market is resolved 🎉 Go to your portfolio and claim your winnings.