Welcome to the Polkamarkets V2 Documentation!


Polkamarkets is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to create and participate in prediction markets. This means that individuals, organizations, and developers can use the protocol to build their own markets. Polkamarkets Protocol is a suite of EVM smart contracts, web services, and a web app that allows anyone to create autonomous prediction markets.
Here, you’ll learn all about Polkamarkets JS SDK, Polkamarkets Solidity Smart Contracts, Polkamarkets Web App, and Polkamarkets API. You can integrate Prediction Markets in your own products and business with Polkamarkets.
import * as polkamarketsjs from 'polkamarkets-js'; // Moonriver RPC const web3Provider = 'https://rpc.moonriver.moonbeam.network'; const polkamarkets = new polkamarketsjs.Application({ web3Provider }); // Starting application polkamarkets.start(); // Connecting wallet await polkamarkets.login();
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