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How Polkamarkets Works

Learn how the Polkamarkets Protocol works in detail, with practical examples, formulas and strategies.
Before you dive into how Polkamarkets works, make sure youโ€™re familiar with the general concepts of Prediction Markets. You can learn more in the Prediction Markets Primer section.


Polkamarkets allows individuals to ask questions about the future, take positions on outcomes of real-world events, and earn rewards for their participation.
The Polkamarkets Protocol is deployed in different blockchains and is usable using the Polkamarkets Web Application, applications that have deployed or adapted its open-source code base, or any other EVM RPC clients or APIs.


  • Decentralised: no single entity controls the markets;
  • Transparent: all markets and trades are on-chain;
  • Rewarding: all participants, from forecasters, to liquidity providers and oracles, can earn rewards.


The Polkamarkets Protocol supports the following features:
  • Create prediction markets
  • Provide liquidity to prediction markets
  • Make forecasts by buying outcome shares in prediction markets
  • Change their forecasts by selling their outcome shares
  • Resolve prediction markets
  • Curate prediction markets
Certain features of the Protocol are only available to holders of the POLK utility token:
  • Market Creation
  • Market Resolution
  • Market Curation

In more detail

๐Ÿค–Automated Market Maker (AMM)๐Ÿซ€Lifecycle of a Polkamarkets Prediction Marketโž•Market Creation๐Ÿ’ฒTrading and Price Calculation๐ŸฆMarket Liquidity๐Ÿง‘โ€โš–๏ธMarket Resolution๐Ÿ‘Market Curation
โ€œWhat is Polkamarkets?โ€ a short video primer.