Welcome to the Polkamarkets V2 Documentation!

Getting started with the Polkamarkets Web App

The Polkamarkets Web App is a user-friendly gateway to the Polkamarkets Protocol.
The Polkamarkets Web App on browsers that support Web3 wallet extensions, such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Opera. It also works on Mobile Browsers that have Web3 wallet support, such as MetaMask Mobile.
The guides below cover all features and will help you get started. For more in-depth knowledge of the Protocol, check out the How Polkamarkets works section.


🔗How to connect your wallet to Polkamarkets📝How to create a prediction market🔮How to place market predictions➕How to add and remove liquidity☑ī¸How to curate prediction markets🏁How to resolve markets👏How to claim winnings and liquidity✅What are Verified Markets?đŸĒ™How to get MATIC, MOVR or GLMR tokens