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What is decentralized in Polkamarkets, and what isnโ€™t?

  • Polkamarkets Protocol - Fully decentralized permissionless smart contracts on Moonbeam Network/Moonriver/Ethereum and other EVMs - no single point of control, governance, or admin functions exist - these contracts can be used directly via Ethereum RPC clients, libraries, or clients such as Etherscan and similar tools.
  • Polkamarkets Web App (App) - Open source code base for the front end platform that makes it easier to interact with the Polkamarkets Protocol, and which anyone can contribute to, tweak or deploy.
  • https://polkamarkets.com is owned and operated by POLKAMARKET Oรœ (Polkamarkets Labs), the original creators of the Polkamarkets Protocol. Usage of any of the hosted services, including the hosted version of the Polkamarkets Web App, requires accepting the Terms and Conditions .

Is the Polkamarkets Protocol audited?

Yes โ€” learn more in ๐Ÿ”’Security.

What are the Contract addresses for Polkamarkets on all chains?

  1. For POLK token contract addresses, see How to Get POLK
  1. For Polkamarkets smart contract addresses, see Polkamarkets V2 Contract Addresses

What are the official Polkamarkets Community channels?

Join Polkamarkets community of market creators, forecasters, oracles, and developers!
Stay up-to-date with the latest news about Polkamarkets and the Prediction Markets space in general, and engage with other forecasters and prediction aficionados by joining the conversation in our official channels listed below.
  1. Join the Polkamarkets Discord server to be part of an engaged community.
  1. Follow us on Twitter and you'll be the first to hear about new features, tech partnerships, and product updates.
  1. Follow our Markets Feed for the latest markets, protocol news & stats.
  1. Follow our LinkedIn page and let's work together on leveraging Prediction Markets technology to a broader audience and industries.
  1. Read our blog, to learn more about Polkamarkets Labs and Polkamarkets Protocol and stay up to date with the big news and announcements.
  1. Drop us a message, and we'll reply within one business day.

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