We encourage POLK holders that wish to participate in market curation to consider the following guidelines to determine whether to upvote or downvote a prediction market.

Prediction markets that meet all these criteria should be upvoted:

  1. The question is written in fluent English, with no typos;

  2. The outcomes are clear and realistic;

  3. The market is well-categorized;

  4. The market has a bona fide resolution source URL;

  5. The market’s expiration date is realistic;

  6. The market is illustrated by a picture or image that accurately represents the nature of the market;

  7. The market has liquidity;

  8. The market is not a duplicate.

Conversely, prediction markets that do not meet all of these criteria should be downvoted.

We invite the Polkamarkets Community to continue to provide input toward improving these guidelines and other aspects of the Polkamarkets Protocol. Join the conversation on the Polkamarkets Discord server.

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