Ecosystem Development Incentives :

  • Protocol Rewards, earn $POLK by :

    • Adding liquidity to the Protocol

    • Buying/Selling Shares

    • Creating Markets

  • Weekly Prizes for the most active traders in the protocol


  • Integration of the Polkamarkets Protocol in other interfaces (UI/UX)

  • Decentralize the development of the open-source repositories

  • Creation of a Partners Group for $POLK to ensure Stability of the Polkamarkets Protocol long term

  • Other activities that enable protocol usage/adoption

The delivery of the Polkamarkets Protocol V2 is already in the making. It will include several updates, such as:

  • Protocol rewards - Claim POLK through protocol usage - buying/selling outcome shares, adding liquidity, creating markets, and placing oracle bonds;

  • Markets with multiple (3+) outcomes, in addition to the already existing binary markets;

  • Liquidity Mining - Uniswap V2 Integration with the Protocol for 1% of all the LP fees to have the option to be settled in POLK instead of native EVM currency

  • Deployment on other EVMs, such as Binance Smart Chain and Polygon;

  • Cross-chain markets;

  • Mobile version.

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