Polkamarkets allows individuals to ask questions about the future, take positions on outcomes of real-world events, and earn rewards for their participation.

By bringing the power of DeFi and great usability to Prediction Markets, Polkamarkets aims to be the premier web3 forecasting tool.

Any person can participate in prediction markets on all blockchains where the Polkamarkets Protocol is deployed, using the Polkamarkets Web Application or other blockchain clients, such as Moonscan for Moonbeam and Moonscan for Moonriver.

Holders of the POLK utility token can also create and resolve prediction markets.

Technically, Polkamarkets is a decentralized, multi-chain, autonomous Prediction Market Protocol, running on several EVM-compatible (ie. Ethereum-compatible) blockchains, such as Moonriver and Moonbeam.

Why should you care? We've written our take on why Prediction Markets matter, and why we created Polkamarkets.

Benefits of using Polkamarkets:

  • Rewarding: all participants, from forecasters, to liquidity providers and oracles, can earn rewards;

  • Completely decentralised and autonomous: no gatekeeper can stop you from participating;

  • User-friendly: the Polkamarkets Web App makes it easy to get started with Prediction Markets;

  • Multi-chain: Polkamarkets is available on several Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

How does Polkamarkets work?

To learn more about how Polkamarkets works:

Polkamarkets for developers

Polkamarkets is a suite of free and open source software that any developer can contribute to, fork or deploy on their own.

The tech suite includes Solidity smart contracts, a web application, data caching APIs, and a JavaScript SDK.

Learn more about Polkamarkets for Developers.

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