Welcome to the Polkamarkets V2 Documentation!

New Features in Polkamarkets V2

Polkamarkets V2 was launched with a flurry of a new features compared to V1, both at the Protocol and Web App level.
The tables below will be updated as new features launch.

New Features in Polkamarkets Protocol V2

Create markets with native or ERC-20 tokens.
Creators can decide what token will be used in a market: the native token (which will be wrapped), or any ERC-20 token (including stablecoins). The chosen token is used for both Trading and Liquidity.
Markets would always use the blockchainโ€™s native token (i.e. GLMR on Moonbeam, or MOVR on Moonriver).
Define multiple outcomes
Creators can choose up to X possible outcomes.
Creators could only set two possible outcomes.
Set initial outcome prices
Creators can set the initial prices of each outcome. The total of all outcome prices will still always be 1.
Each outcome would always be priced at 0.5 upon creation.
Provide a market description to clarify the context and resolution criteria
Creators are required to provide a description of the prediction market that they create, to clarify the context and resolution criteria for participating forecasters.
Creators could only provide an URL pointing to a resolution source (this field still exists in V2).
Charge a fee from trades to reward the market creator
Creators can receive a reward for every trade that happens on their, defined, as a percentage fee charged on every trade
This feature did not exist in V1.
Define the Liquidity Provider fee charged at every transaction
Creators can define what percentage of the amount transacted in every trade will be distributed to Liquidity Providers. The minimum percentage is X, and the maximum is Y.
The LP reward fee was set at 2% and could not be changed.
Coming soon Escalate market resolution to a Kleros Court for arbitration
In addition to the normal crowd-sourced, bonding-based, resolution process, any user can escalate the resolution of a market to a Kleros Court by paying the Kleros fee (only available on Polygon).
POLK holders could only resolve markets through the crowd-sourced bond escalation process.

New features in Polkamarkets Web App V2

In addition to supporting all the new features of the Protocol,
The Polkamarkets Web App now works in MetaMask Mobile and similar mobile browsers.
The app was ready-only on mobile.
New filters UI
Filters are now better organised in the sidebar, with nice animations and smooth interactions designed and implemented with great care by our team.
The filters UI was not as nice as in V2.